Seven Artisan LLC was established on March 18t h 2013.
After Kosuke Morita, the representative of Seven Artisan, experienced a network engineer at one of major ISPs, he was concerned to introduce the first online certification in Japan to online banking for individual customers from a major megabank as an account manager of security and certification for megabanks and major financial institutions.

Seven Artisan launched the business by taking over projects from Millebrains LCC. of which Kosuke helped building server and network when he was still a network engineer.
While running the projects from Millebrains LCC., such as 99yen server, giga rental server, unlimited server etc., Seven artisan has been providing service such as server construction, network construction and dedicate server hosting for individual users. By July 2013 Seven Artisan acquired server business (a brand from GranPower) from GranPower KG and also purchased server business of TOK2 and Sitemix from Paradigmshift Inc. in October 2015.
Annual turnover in 2014: 30 million yen Annual turnover in 2015: 70 million yen

Chronological Table

March 2013 Seven Artisan LLC established.
Launched dedicate hosting service, server construction, network construction etc. Purchased 99yen server, giga­rental server, unlimited server from Millebrains LCC
July 2013 Purchased server business (Grandpower) from GramPower KG
October 2015 Purchased server business (TOK2, Sitemix) from Paradigmshift Inc.
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