As an IT artisan group…
Due to Japanese economic downturn and depopulation, many of SMBs and Solo proprietors cannot have hope for the business future and are uneasy about it.
On the other hand, as diffusion and technological innovation of internet advance, business activity and competition in global are extremely intense.
We have a skill as an IT infrastructure professional, which is our advantage, connection to foreign IT companies, and also professional skills from individuals. Based on these skills, we provide competitive power to Japanese SMB and good quality service as global service to overseas by offering valuable IT infrastructure service.
We, as an IT artisan group, offer service in order to have our customers to be able to provide global service which leads them to become a true global enterprise. Also we are happy to support both enterprises and individuals as an escort runner of IT field.

Kosuke Morita

Projects Seven Artisan concerned

【Selling project】

  • Project to enhance security of online banking for Japanese major bank – target end user: 30 million people
  • Project to enhance certificate of online banking for Japanese major bank – target end user: 30,000 people

【System construction】

  • Configuration of proxy for all employees from major consumer electronics manufacturer – target user: 300,000 people
  • Construction/Design of internet system/DMZ for all employees from major medicine company – target user: 100,000 people
  • Optimization of web system to higher availability for online bank target user: 3 million people Configuration/setting

Skill of network OS

OS Windows Server ActiveDirectory, Solars, Redhat
Software Checkpoint Firewall­1, Netscreen Firewall, iptables Interscan Web Security Suite, InterSafe, Sendmail, Postfix, Interscan Mail Security Suite, Apache, IIS, DNS/Bind, Squid
VPN various SSL­VPN, OpenVPN, IP­SEC VPN Cisco 3005
Electronic component F5 Big – IP, Cisco 2950/3550, YAMAHA Router

Major technical experience

  • OS configuration, connecting network, analyze packet, shell script design
  • Firewall construction, operation, support, maintenance
  • VPN construction, operation, maintenance, support
  • Experience of URL filter construction, operation, maintenance, support
  • Experience of Mail relaying construction, operation, maintenance, support
  • Server construction
  • Experience of load balancer construction, operation, maintenance, support
  • Switch setting, operation, maintenance, support
  • Router setting etc.

Skill of programme development

  • Web / CGI
    PHP, Java Servlet, ASP/ASP.Net, C/C++
  • Windows
    C#.Net, VC++/VC++.Net, VB/VB.Net, VBA(Access, Excel etc.)
  • Unix
  • Java
    J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Applet, various mobile app (IOS/Android)
  • Data base
    □Merchandised product
    Oracle, SQLServer, DB2
    □Products for open source PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • SSLキャンペーン

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